The peak Velký Sošov (885m) rises up at a frontier area with Poland in Silesian Beskydy south-east from the village Nýdek. A small highland settlement formed especially by summer cottages is situated on the north top hillside. There is a ski slope near the east edge of the settlement and in Poland. The yellow and blue tourist tracks are parting just on the top of the mountain. The blue tourist track leads from Velká Čantoryje and goes further along the frontier to saddle Gruníček. You can step up this peak from the south edge of Hluchova settlement by following the yellow tourist track. There is a very nice view over the surrounding mountains and the villages in the valley from the top.


Description of the track

The track leads from Nýdek to Velký Sošov via Beskydy saddle. The total length of the track is about 12 km, it is not hard. The climbing can be a part of a mountain range crossing or climbing up another peak of the range.



  • by train, eg. station Bystřice, Jablunkov – Návsí, Hrádek
  • by bus to the entries of the tracks
  • on foot :
    - from Nýdek (bus Hluchová Setinka) following yellow tourist track (2.5km)
    - from Nýdek (bus centrum) following the green tourist track to Beskydy saddle and furher following the red and blue tourist track to the peak (6.5km)
    - from Jablunkov (bus) to crossroad chalet Bahenec or Groníček saddle and from here join the track Velký Stožek and further to Cieslar and Velký Sošov (12.5km)
  • by bike: there is not marked cycle track