On the top of the mountain Čantoryje is 29 m high lookout tower which offer a unique view to Czech, Polish and Slovak mountains (Malá Fatra, Tatry).

Velká Čantoryje mountain is emblazened with legends and in the folk tradition it has the same meaning as Radhošť in Wallachia. Silesian national army sleeps inside the mountain for centuries. This legend was a motivation for setting up the educational knight trail on Czech and Polish border. The trail is 20 km long, 10 km leads on the Czech side and 10 km on the Polish side of the border. The circle goes between the top of the mountain and the border crossing by the chalet. There is a lookout tower on the top of Čantoryje that offers some refreshment in a nearby cabin.

Secret worship meeting of people with Evangelic belief took place in the Dark Times in the place called Zakámen. We can find there a plaque which commemorates the work of Evangelic pastor Jiří Třanovský.


Technical details

  • Altitude - 995 m
  • The highest point- 1016 m
  • The lookout tower height - 29 m
  • The height of 5th floor - 21.420 m
  • Number of steps - 118
  • Steel construction weight - 37 171 kg
  • Year of production - 2002
  • Capacity - 170 people